Tuesday, July 14, 2009

120db - Good Morning World

120db was a progression from what started as a collaboration between NLM Singer - Scott Roman, and Drummer - YT Baker. Later they would join with Bassist David Manzo to perform and record as Mustard. This project, "Good Morning World", was a transition from Mustard to a reincarnation of NLM with a new lineup. Many of the songs would evolve and appear on a NLM release entitled "120db". Get It?!

Songs Include: Casa De Viva, Sad, Two-Faced, Television, God Is Dead, P-7-3, Blinding Pain, Not Even You, Plow, Dreams Come True, Looks Good Sittin' There, Way, Shape & form, Dog, Frog Concerto, Old Wine in New Wineskins, Smog,

120db - Good Morning World

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