Monday, February 1, 2010

No Laughing Matter - 3 Song Demo

This Three Song Demo was recorded back in 1989 in between Discernment and Monstor. It was a six-month experiment with Ted Worthless switching to Bass and the addition of Gavin Affatica on guitar. More of an accessible, straight-ahead rock sound was prevalent on these three tunes. These tunes were in the hands of very few people at the time, and even fewer still today. Nate Stiffler was on drums, and Scott Roman was on Vocals.

Interesting side note: There were two photos of the band taken for this project. Both of the buildings were either torn down or burned down after the pictures were taken. The pictures we took for Discernment were at a train station that burned down, and the picture on the back of the Monstor CD was taken inside the remains of then drummer Dave Blomgren's home, which had caught fire and burned down. Strange but true.......

No Laughing Matter - 3 Song Demo

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