Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Laughing Matter - Monstor

Originally released on Worthless Records on cassette only, This Critically acclaimed project was re-released on R.E.X. records on CD in 1990. Songs like the title cut, and Bad Blood, were groundbreaking at the time of their release. The group was labeled as being too dark or "negative" for christian music, and would part ways with R.E.X just before starting work on their follow-up project. In the words of one Christian Music Executive ...."you guys are the bastards of Christian Rock!" A label the band wore with pride as they refused to compromise on what they believed was a message and style that God had called them to!

Songs include: CF10, Bad Blood, Monstor, If The Truth Be Known, Lifeline, You See It All, Helltown, I Can See It Coming, Frail & Thin, I Need Your Touch, and Tuesday's Child Awakened.

No Laughing Matter - Monstor - 1990

Alternate Artwork From Original Worthless Release


  1. Yes, guy! I love 'Monstor' and have never been able to find other stuff by NLM. Thanks so much for posting these!

  2. I had the REX CD when it came out, loved it, especially the title track, "CF10", and "Frail and Thin". The next year I was able to get hold of It Bites K-Mart Shoppers and Ted Worthless: Serpent and Bones. I love the Casios and the low fidelity of the recordings. You guys really had a good sound.

    Anyway, would you consider the following?

    I. posting the missing items in the NLM discography esp. It Bites K-Mart Shoppers

    II. the Ted Worthless cassettes

    III. other items from the Worthless Records catalogue, if any. I can't remember but I had a small Worthless catalogue circa 1991, the mentioning of which leads to the fourth request....

    IV. scans of Worthless catalogue mail-outs, tape j-cards, lyric sheets etc.

    V. an essay detailing the history of No Laughing Matter, Worthless Records and all related projects and people.

    I hope some or all of these are done, I'd love to see more, but let that not detract from my gratitude for what you have already given! Thank you. I am going through the albums one by one and enjoying it immensely. Discernment 1&1/2, Brains for the Stupid, and today NLM: 120db and Roman: Carved in Grey Matter, which I am really looking forward to.

    Thanks again.

    Greg Myers

    PS How about the song from the REX sampler w that terrible cover?

  3. Oh my Gawd!! I had so many Ted Worthless tapes and everything Worthless put out and even got the t shirt with the Discernment cover! Was so happy when Monstor came out. Would kill to have those tapes back!!! Scott sent me everything for free for a Christian skate night I DJd. Also because I was a kid and broke. I have a pic of me with that shirt on my mom took because she thought it was the ugliest shirt she had ever seen. I was holding my newborn brother and was wearing hoop earring in each ear. DORK!!!

  4. Wow! I just lost my Monstor cassette in my last move after 20 years and even though I didn't have a cassette deck to play it on was totally bummed. I learned a lot of bass guitar from that album. It's always been one of my favs from that period. Thanks for putting these albums up, Scott. I wish more bands from that era would do the same thing (are you listening Blonde Vinyl?).

  5. Hi Scott,
    It was cool running into yourself and Omar Domkus the other day in south Phoenix (at the DA show). We should all get together and jam sometime.... :-)


  6. I saw NLM open for Undercover in Phoenix, probably around 1990. I thought the set was way too short. I could've listened all night!