Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Laughing Matter - In God We Rust

On their last official release on Worthless Records - No Laughing Matter experiments with elements of electronica, spoken word, R&B (on Belly Up), Rock, and more, all blended together into a lush soundscape!!!

Songs include: Everybody Sleeps, Paige, America, Belly Up, Turbovibe, Cocoon, Like Tears In The Rain, New World 1200, The Pillars Of Heaven, The Treatment, Kickboxing With God, The Beauty Of Machines, Wowbagging, and Spice.

No Laughing Matter - In God We Rust

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  1. Hokey Carp, Scott!! ... I got this link from Johnny's site over at Flipsidemn. I bought "Monstor" on cassette back around 1990. I was doing a street ministry in Nova Scotia back then. I loved "Monstor" so much I eventually tracked down the CD. I used to play "Monstor" for some of the kids I worked with. I always felt it was ahead of its' time. I didn't even know you continued to make more music and I couldn't find any info on the band. This is awesome to get these links. Can't wait to give these a listen.

    If you're on Facebook, look me up(Bim Ingersoll)