Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Laughing Matter - Volume 1 - Discernment

No Laughing Matter - Volume 1 - Discernment & Volume 1/2 - 1987

Volume 1- Discernment was recorded almost entirely in a vacant house in an orange grove on eight track and is full of raw energy and angst! The passion certainly cuts through loud and clear on these 12 tracks!

The cuts include these early favorites: Wildest Dreams, Thermodynamics, Alone With You, America (the great harlot), We Can't, Psychotic Wallpaper, Two Preachers, Discernment, Itching Ears, CF5 (miracles), Don't Patronize Me, and Chosen.

Volume 1/2 was originally a demo recorded on 4 track in various family rooms. It includes a tune which was only recorded once by the band and then scrapped entitled "The Call".
Songs include: Thermodynamics, Wildest Dreams, Alone With You, Don't Patronize Me, The Call, We Can't, and CF4.

No Laughing Matter - Volume 1 - Discernment -1987

No Laughing Matter - Volume 1/2 - 1987

Lyrics for Volume 1 - Discernment & Volume 1/2 - 1987


  1. hey scott, thanks heap much for uploading these. "discernment" was an important recording to me at the time (hello and thanks jeani, long live key records) and i hope others find this blog so they can enjoy it as well.

    will you be posting "it bites kmart shoppers" or is that not possible? i have recently digitized this recording to share with someone and greatly enjoyed "spinning" this one again. email me at kissed_by_angels@hotmail.com thanks.

  2. As a kid I used to get in SO much hot water from phone calls to Mesa Arizona ordering tapes, stickers and shirts from NLM. "Ray, youre 14 and have never left GA. Who the heck do you know in Arizona?" Im sure i had the label's entire catalog up to 1990 at one point. I lost a lot of that stuff years ago. Thanks SO much for posting this for the die hards!