Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Laughing Matter - In God We Rust

On their last official release on Worthless Records - No Laughing Matter experiments with elements of electronica, spoken word, R&B (on Belly Up), Rock, and more, all blended together into a lush soundscape!!!

Songs include: Everybody Sleeps, Paige, America, Belly Up, Turbovibe, Cocoon, Like Tears In The Rain, New World 1200, The Pillars Of Heaven, The Treatment, Kickboxing With God, The Beauty Of Machines, Wowbagging, and Spice.

No Laughing Matter - In God We Rust

No Laughing Matter - 120db

This project recorded by No Laughing Matter on Worthless Records (post R.E.X.), included a slightly different line-up with Scott Roman Handling alot of the Guitar work, as well as the vocals, John Starkey on Lead Guitar, YT Baker on Drums, and David Manzo on Bass and Vocals. Received great reviews but had poor distribution.

Songs include: Casa De Viva, Sometimes, Figs, Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen, Television, A Scent Of Hell, Friend, Way, Shape & Form, Blinding Pain, and Red.

If you haven't heard this one, it's a must!!!

No Laughing Matter - 120db

No Laughing Matter - Monstor

Originally released on Worthless Records on cassette only, This Critically acclaimed project was re-released on R.E.X. records on CD in 1990. Songs like the title cut, and Bad Blood, were groundbreaking at the time of their release. The group was labeled as being too dark or "negative" for christian music, and would part ways with R.E.X just before starting work on their follow-up project. In the words of one Christian Music Executive ...."you guys are the bastards of Christian Rock!" A label the band wore with pride as they refused to compromise on what they believed was a message and style that God had called them to!

Songs include: CF10, Bad Blood, Monstor, If The Truth Be Known, Lifeline, You See It All, Helltown, I Can See It Coming, Frail & Thin, I Need Your Touch, and Tuesday's Child Awakened.

No Laughing Matter - Monstor - 1990

Alternate Artwork From Original Worthless Release

No Laughing Matter - Volume 1 - Discernment

No Laughing Matter - Volume 1 - Discernment & Volume 1/2 - 1987

Volume 1- Discernment was recorded almost entirely in a vacant house in an orange grove on eight track and is full of raw energy and angst! The passion certainly cuts through loud and clear on these 12 tracks!

The cuts include these early favorites: Wildest Dreams, Thermodynamics, Alone With You, America (the great harlot), We Can't, Psychotic Wallpaper, Two Preachers, Discernment, Itching Ears, CF5 (miracles), Don't Patronize Me, and Chosen.

Volume 1/2 was originally a demo recorded on 4 track in various family rooms. It includes a tune which was only recorded once by the band and then scrapped entitled "The Call".
Songs include: Thermodynamics, Wildest Dreams, Alone With You, Don't Patronize Me, The Call, We Can't, and CF4.

No Laughing Matter - Volume 1 - Discernment -1987

No Laughing Matter - Volume 1/2 - 1987

Lyrics for Volume 1 - Discernment & Volume 1/2 - 1987

No Laughing Matter - Brains For The Stupid -

A collection of classic NLM oldies and a few rarities and oddities! The project would precede Discernment by only a couple of months. Three extremely rare cuts appear on this project: All God's Children, Torn, and Requiem. Some of the recordings were live & some were in-studio.

The line-up at this time was: Scott Roman - Vocals, Lyrics, Keys; Ted Worthless - Guitars, Drill, Noise; Rod Glaze - Bass Guitar, BGV's; Nate Stiffler - Drums.

Songs include: cf4, wildest dreams, the great harlot, psychotic wallpaper, alone with you, all God's children, cf6, chosen, torn, don't patronise me, and requiem.

No Laughing Matter - Brains For The Stupid - 1987

Scott Roman - Carved In Grey Matter

This was the first solo project by No Laughing Matter singer & songwriter - Scott Roman. Released just after the bands best-known project "Monstor", it follows in the same musical tradition, while exploring various themes from writers such as Lewis Carroll, William Blake, and others...

Songs Include: One Man's Floor, Greenhouse, I Can See It Coming, She'll Be Sorry, The Defiled Sanctuary, Lament, The Pool of Tears, Tomorrow, On Another's Sorrow, Away From Babylon.

Ted Worthless contributes on this project as well.

Scott Roman - Carved In Grey Matter

Scott Roman - Growing Pains

The second solo project from Scott Roman is a bit experimental at times, but at other times it is very personal and revealing. One highlight is the very personal "Grand Design", which was written about his struggles concerning his father being diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Songs Include: When Death Comes To Dinner, The Sound of Arrogance, When Loneliness & Love Become One, Dr. Hellheart, Exorcism, The Grand Design, You See It All, Hollow Be Thy Name, Shadows Of Sin, Change.

Scott Roman - Growing Pains - 1990

Scott Roman - Waiting For Things To Break Down

For his third outing on his own Scott Roman writes, performs all instruments, arranges and records the entire project on his own. "I wanted to try something completely different" says Roman. The result is an adventurous musical trip with some flashes of brilliance (Dagger of the Mind, Black Limousine). Give a listen; you'll be glad you did!

Songs Include: Dagger of the Mind, Remorse #1, Rut, Temporary Hell, The Good 'Ole Days Polka, Attention, Let The Beat Control Your Body, Wavering, Black Limousine, In The Bag, Swallow Me.

Scott Roman - Waiting For Things To Break Down - 2001

Aluminum/Reverb/And/Parsley - Things Best Left Unsaid....1990

Who Are These Guys?!!!!! Their only release finds ALP laying down some tasty beats and lyrics that are sometimes biting; sometimes waaay out there!!! ....be like Gumby, be flexible; be like Gumby, stand firm!....

Songs Include: Arridzona, Ah! Gentlemen, Sometimes, Gumby, Talk!, Teenage Destruction, The Song From Hell, We're Different!

The Line-up for ALP is:
The Aluminum BeatMaster - Drums
Crayfish "Reverb" NuHead - Guitars
AND-EE O'Connorskijensunsoncavendishlickerhumboterodriguezslugsuckerson - Bass
Elvis Parsley - Vocals

Aluminum/Reverb/And/Parsley - Things Best Left Unsaid....1990

120db - Good Morning World

120db was a progression from what started as a collaboration between NLM Singer - Scott Roman, and Drummer - YT Baker. Later they would join with Bassist David Manzo to perform and record as Mustard. This project, "Good Morning World", was a transition from Mustard to a reincarnation of NLM with a new lineup. Many of the songs would evolve and appear on a NLM release entitled "120db". Get It?!

Songs Include: Casa De Viva, Sad, Two-Faced, Television, God Is Dead, P-7-3, Blinding Pain, Not Even You, Plow, Dreams Come True, Looks Good Sittin' There, Way, Shape & form, Dog, Frog Concerto, Old Wine in New Wineskins, Smog,

120db - Good Morning World

Active Faith - Life In The Modern World

This was Scott Roman's first band (pre NLM). The project is based on the book of Ecclesiastes, and the futility of life when it is not centered upon God. Sort of a progressive rock meets new wave hybrid!

Songs include: Life In The Modern World, Job Insecurity, No Consolation, Naked, Live It Up, Pandemonium, Remember Me.

Active Faith - Life In The Modern World

Death Denied - Volume 1 (Bleck!)

A side project by NLM Bassist Rod Glaze and a drummer named Matt Spangler. Recorded in 1988 @ The Edge of The Earth by none other than Mr. Ted Worthless! The music is straight-up punk rock that is full of conviction, but also has a sense of humor!

Death Denied is:
Rod Glaze - Guitar, Bass & Vocals
Matt Spangler - Drums & Vocals

Songs Include: Foxhole, Scum of the Earth, Hypocrisy, Can't Die, Sacrifice, Insolence, Death and Fyre, Soldiers.

Death Denied - Volume 1 (Bleck!) - 1988