Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gehenna Tattoo - Songs Of The Weak

Gehenna Tattoo's style has been tabbed "Electro-Acoustic Bloodletting of the Soul" The project is much more accessible than is typically expected from NLM alumns. Some Standout cuts: Perfect Day, Charlie The Arkangel, This Body, and a revamped cover of Moral Supports 20th Century!

NLM + Love Spit Love + Pedro the Lion + a dash of Daniel Amos = the latest from Worthless Records, Gehenna Tattoo
Every Tuesday night during 2001, for about as many Tuesday nights as I can recall, Ryan Brown was holed up in an undisclosed south Phoenix location with Scott, Mike, and Dave. These three NLM survivors started playing out as a stripped down trio known as Gehenna Tattoo. These Tuesday night sessions were so inspired I even took my kid down to watch one night. And, after countless Tuesdays, at last, an album was born: "Songs of the Weak". -Geoff Brown

-We think you will like what you hear!....

Gehenna Tattoo - Songs Of The Weak

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  1. I remember you guys from years back, and would like to have something of yours on CD. I'm a little behind and too low tech for mpeg downloads. Anyway, any info would be great
    -Eric H
    (btw - I was reminded of you guys listening to Jeani Bond's "regeneration radio." I guess you know she plays your stuff: